Things to do in Oklahoma: Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon (Hinton, OK)

When you decide to visit Red Rock Canyon be prepared for a beautiful, long, windy drop down into the park! Actually driving down into the canyon was one of our favorite parts (we drove it up and down back to back to get a good picture but still failed haha).

The park is in Hinton, Oklahoma just an hour or so out of Oklahoma City. Once you make your way down into the canyon, you lose cell service. As much as we wanna say we didn't care, we did. It is a weird feeling not being completely connected to the world for a few hours. This is harder for Breanna then for Ryan. He always helps keep her grounded and focused on what is going on around her. He's cool like that. ;) It was cool to just throw our phones in our pockets and enjoy hiking around with each other, having good conversation + taking fun pictures. Anyways, this is a great place for a family reunion, weekend getaway, or a day trip. There are places to tent camp and RV sites that you can rent nightly!

The park much more than just a campground, there are plenty of hiking trails, beautiful scenery, and even places to repel off giant rocks (we wish we had the equipment to do this! Definitely something we wanna learn). After getting down into the canyon, we drove around the park for a bit and stopped to take pictures of all the unique rock cliffs.

Also, the trees there were pretty epic. 

Then, we decided start hiking (yay!). The trails have crazy diversity in plants, and some tree limbs (that are begging to be climbed) arched over the trail itself. The hike we chose led to two different waterfalls; we both saw pictures online and knew we had to see it for ourselves. The hiking was fun, and there was beautiful scenery, but when we finally reached the waterfalls neither of them had water flowing through them :( Oh well!

Ryan is obviously the climber!

Overall, we had a great time enjoying our surroundings, eating lunch by massive rock cliffs, and being with each other of course. Now...we do want to go repelling next time we go, so who's willing to teach us?

(Side Note: Marshall The Mini is super adventurous + attends most of our adventures with us.) 

Keep Living,

R + B