Growing Relationships With Three Word Phrases

T h r e e  W o r d  P h r a s e s

Expressing your admiration for your boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, and family comes in all sorts of ways. We have been dating for over six years and overtime we have learned three word phrases that are ALMOST as important as saying “I love you"...but not quite.

"Have you eaten?"

If you are like us (or not like us), 20 something year old's trying to figure out life then let's be real, you probably are doing three things at once at all times and honestly cooking is the last thing on the list. Those out there who are great in the kitchen, we absolutely admire you! Feel free to invite us over any time for dinner...we will eat! So, the “Have you eaten?” text comes up a lot in our conversations. Followed by, “Where do you want to go?” which always seems impossible to decide (unless it's Sunday. We always want Chic-fil-a on Sundays… then we're back to square one).

Although our bank accounts are not very happy with these texts, we love getting to eat together. Eating is such a fun part of the day and just being able to sit down to enjoy food, and talk about each other’s days makes it even better. A lot can be shared at the dinner table. The “have you eaten” phrase is so important because it's more than just getting food together, its being able to sit down, relax, talk with one another, and be happy together. If you enjoy cooking, invite someone over for dinner at your place; if not, then invite someone with you to try a new restaurant!

"Go for it!"

Many of the most successful people in the world started their success by going out of their comfort zone. However, change is scary! Failure is always an option, and you will never know how it will turn out. We both aspire to be traveling photographers at some point in the distant future but we are honestly nervous to start that journey. We would be giving up a lot - a good job, being close to family, and financial security.

Although when Breanna sat Ryan down in All About Cha (one of our favorite coffee shops) and told him she wanted to do this someday, he immediately told her to “go for it.” Genuinely telling someone to “go for it” is believing in their dreams. Chasing those dreams and getting out of that comfort zone is hard but knowing someone believes in you is reassurance that you are not too crazy and you can make it happen.

"I'm with you!"

Okay, can we just pretend that I'm is technically one word for a second? Okay, thanks!

In our opinions, saying "I’m with you" is a step above “go for it” because you are not only believing in them but you are there with them every step of the way. Walking hand and hand into a new adventure together is one of the fastest ways to build your relationship. When you are both out of your comfort zone, you have to lean on each other and trust one another more than ever before. As you probably guessed, after Breanna told Ryan her new dreams and aspirations he told her to "go for it" and then immediately said “I’m with you”! We have not made official plans on when we want to start but we have started to plan and work on that goal together. Just planning for that time in our lives have so been fun and I’m sure when the time comes we will be nervous but we will have each other.

"I love you!"

Yep, you should have seen this one coming! We are firm believers in expressing our feelings to each other through our words. We tell each other we love each other at least once a day, I know we are mushy and gross but we think it is important! Although, loving someone is much more than just saying so. You can tell someone you love them by making time for them in your busy schedule, by putting their needs before your own, and caring for them. For Ryan, Breanna tells him she loves him by always setting aside time for him; for Breanna, Ryan tells her he loves her by staying up late on the nights she needs someone to talk about life with. 

Relationships are filled with important three word phrases. Although, sometimes we like to use more than three words at time.. just sometimes though! :)


Keep Living, 

R + B