So, what's this about?

Welcome to Living Roots!

We (Ryan and Breanna) are extremely excited to launch our first blog together. We have been a couple for six years now with every day getting better! We met when we were 14 year old and have grown up not only dating but also have become best friends. We have amazing stories to share of all of our ups and downs, exciting moments, different personalities colliding, and just everything in between. Our goal is to live our lives together as best as we can by following Gods plan, taking advantage of our beautiful planet, and enjoy laughing together along the way. We have been thinking about doing a blog for a while now, but never got around to making one. Together we decided to venture out of our comfort zones and just go for it! Each post will be different and some may be a little random but all following the underlying theme of living life to its fullest and being rooted together as a couple.

We both currently live in the great state of Oklahoma! Ryan has passion for running, hiking, meeting new people and making new friends. He loves to talk with people about anything and everything so hit him up if you ever have anything on your mind! Breanna love capturing photos of things going on around her ranging from her puppies at home and people around her to the great rocky mountains! She also loves traveling new places and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty hiking, rafting, or even a little off-roading with the fam! 

Growing up in Oklahoma, we have been able to see how much it has grown. Oklahoma has so much to offer! We have always loved exploring different parts of Oklahoma from events held at the Myriad Garden in Downtown OKC, trying out new coffee shops, Thunder games, strolling around the city, and of course eating at all the new restaurants and food trucks. As we continue to explore our state and city, we want to invite you to share those experiences with us!

We sure do love Oklahoma, but when a new adventure calls, we have to answer. We have travelled all over Colorado, WOOFed (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) in New Mexico, hiked all through Taiwan, and backpacked our way through Europe. We love adventures almost as much as the next guy and we can't wait to share some memorable parts of our journeys with you in posts to come!

If you know Breanna, you know she loves to take photos and wants to use her talent bring our story to life! We will be documenting our journey not only through writing but through photography as well so stay tuned for some beautiful photos of our adventures. We do have an Instagram so be sure to go follow us on there for some rad photos, blog updates, and just so we can be connected with everyone! (IG: livingrootsblog)

Our first blog series will be all about exploring Oklahoma! We bouldered in the Wichita Mountains, swam our way through Turner Falls, saw bison at Chickasaw Recreation Area and everything in between. 

We invite you to join our journey together! Throughout our blog post, we will be transparent. We are not the best writers, we do not have life quite figured out yet, and we have our ups and downs just like everyone else. We have completely different personalities and we like to use that to our advantage. We are excited to each share our own stories and opinions as well as our life together. Hopefully with our transparency you will also be inspired to create your own story and go on your own adventures (and invite us, of course)! We hope you are ready for the ride!

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Keep Living,

R + B