Things to do in Oklahoma: Chickasaw National Recreational Area

Chickasaw National Recreational Area (Sulphur, OK)


Just neighboring Turner Falls is Chickasaw Recreational area in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Similar to Turner Falls you will find the amazing turquoise waters, but you will also find a Bison reserve and more solitude. We our on a budget, so we were also excited when we found out park entry is free! Holla!

Bison Reserve

One of our first sights of the park was the Bison Reserve. There were about 4 to 6 bison right along the fence area; definitely, the closet Ryan's ever been to a bison! Breanna, however, has seen who knows how many. A few years ago, she went to Yellowstone National Park and whoever has been there knows that the Bison's fill the streets and even stop traffic!

As you drive farther along the park past the reserve, you will stumble upon the Park center. You should stop in! For one, there is a lot of cool information about the park and it's history. Two, tons of history of the animals in the area, as well as, a bison pelt you can touch/feel (which we thought was kinda cool). Three, the woman that was working there when we went made our day! She was SO enthusiastic about the park and told us all the places that were necessary see! She even described one of the places as a “fairy land.” So naturally, we are like "LET'S GO!".

Lincoln Bridge

Fairyland's actual name is the Lincoln Bridge. Even after all the hype, this was one of our favorite places of the park. The bridge itself is extremely old, and has a one of a kind look to it. This would be an awesome place for portraits! However, to get the best view you have to walk down a small waterfall to get to the water below. With the cool waters rushing around your legs, trees all above you covering the sun, waterfalls all around, you really start to feel like you are in a “fairyland.”

Little Niagara

After having some fun playing in the water + taking pictures at the waterfalls we decided to move on to a small hiking trail. The trail we decided to take starts near “Little Niagara” which is exactly what it is, an almost exact replica of Niagara but miniature form. Hiking in the Chickasaw Recreation Area allows one to see untouched nature. In our opinion, the best quality of the park was the ability to find solitude. Throughout the day, we really only saw about six other people and during our hikes it was just us! 

Typically, we stay on the trail. But let's be real... we always like to wander and see what cool places we can find! As the started going off trail, we ended up under this bridge that had an unbelievable view. It felt like we were in the jungle. We couldn't even tell you where it was at but it felt magical.

This was definitely one of our favorite places to visit! It was so pretty and green out the wazoo! We loved how secluded it was and how much time we had to relax and enjoy each others company! We made some fun memories here so be sure to go check it out yourselves!

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