Things to do in Oklahoma: Turner Falls

Turner Falls (Davis, OK)

Our experience at Turner Falls was definitely one for the books! Breanna and I went to Turner Falls in late August which made the swimming even more refreshing! We started our day hiking throughout the park to see the natural caves, sand beach area, and hidden swimming holes.


Our first stop was the 77ft waterfall! We decided not to swim just yet because we wanted to take a hike first then cool off. Just left of the waterfall there is a shaded trail leading to one of the natural caves on the park. After just a short walk, crossing the stream, and some pretty hardcore rock climbing, you will see a massive hole in the side of the mountain. Hiking to the cave is the easy part but getting into the cave is a challenge (especially for Breanna and her short legs and no upper body strength)! But of course, she didn't let that stop her from trying. There is a rope available that you can use for assistance; however, even with the rope it is still a quite the challenge. Ryan had to stand under Breanna and fully push her into the cave himself and then on the way down we had to repel down with the rope. Saying that, it was definitely worth it! It's such a beautiful view from inside the cave looking out. If you are up for the challenge then go for it, and if not I would suggest at least hiking to it! We think it's the best view in park :)

Outlaws Cave

Next stop was Outlaws Cave! If you walk down into a medium size hole in the ground, you will find a huge natural room that could easily be our new home. It was cool, shaded, and even had a cute little hole in the rock that overlooked the park. True Story: We totally tried to film an MTV Cribs skit in this cave but halfway through some hikers came in and we got embarrassed so we bolted out of there pretty quick! 


We then made our way to some hidden swimming holes! We honestly didn't know where we were headed but found some beautiful places anyways. We were able to swim in the water, and relax under some small waterfalls by ourselves even on a busy Saturday. This was our favorite part of the day because it was secluded and beautiful + it was a fun time for me and Ryan to catch up with each other after a long week of work and school. Ryan tried to go all Bridge to Terabithia and swing from a rope hanging from the tree but since the water was so high it was a total fail! He still tries to show off for me after 6 years. I don't mind. ;) It was super nice to just relax and have some good conversation!


How we ate! After a day of hiking and swimming, the first things on our mind is food (well let's be real, it's been on our mind all day)! Although we would have loved to eat at the Main Grill restaurant, we don't have the budget for that. I mean, we are poor college kids after all ;) We ended up packing our own lunch and ate under a nice shady tree near the water. Even though it was not gourmet, we enjoyed just eating outside admiring God's beautiful work and enjoying our company together. When we were done eating, we hit the road to come home.

Breanna had the bright idea to stop through Sonic on the way home and get a Cherry Limeade! Best. Idea. Ever. It's funny that Sonic in the small town of Davis, OK will always have a special place in our hearts now. While slurping on our Cherry Limeades, we had fun talks about where our future is going and all of our dreams and aspirations and how to make those come true!

Alright, now time to actually go home before Breanna sees something else she wants to eat. We enjoyed the first half of the ride jamming out to an old mixtape CD that I made Ryan our freshman year of high school including some TSwift, Bruno Mars, and even my boy Bob Dylan! We used to listen to it all the time but haven't gotten it out in years. So, we dusted off that ol' CD and sung our hearts out to Fifteen (Tswift), Talking to the Moon (Bruno), and Blowin' in the Wind (Bobby D). What great memories. Since Ryan drove this time, he was sweet enough to let Breanna catch some Zzzz's as well on the way home! What a keeper!

Disclaimer: The above picture is me actually sleeping. Ryan likes to catch me at my best moments :)

Tuner Falls is a must see in Oklahoma in our book. It is located near Davis, Oklahoma about a 90min drive from Oklahoma City. You can enjoy just a half-day trip there or make it into a full weekend by camping out. Our suggestion is starting the day off early morning in the summer when you can hike during the cool weather and swim when the temperature starts to rise.

Thanks for tuning in friends! Our next blog in the Explore Oklahoma series will be about our trip to Chickasaw National Recreation Area. This was our favorite park in the Explore Oklahoma series that we are sharing so be sure to tune in for that one as well. Subscribe for emails on our blog updates and email us any questions you may have! (Instagram: livingrootsblog) We also love to hear from our friends. Tell us, have you been to Turner Falls? What was your favorite part? And do you have any funny stories? We love stories.

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