Things to do in Ouray Colorado: Jeeping

Colorado is one of our favorite vacation spots! The mountains are absolutely beautiful, and just so much outdoor recreation. During our time in Ouray, Colorado we rented a new 4 door Jeep Wrangler.  Ouray is even known as the Jeep capital of America, and for a good reason. The off road trails are extremely fun; as you drive, you will be surrounded by beautiful landscape. 


Ouray, Colorado


Here is a map off all the trails of the area. If you are not an experienced off-road junkie, basically trails are rated from 1-5 with 5 being the don't go unless you have additional equipment. Make sure to work your way up to the harder trails, and don't try something you think will cause you harm. 

Our Favorite Trails

Breanna and I went Jeeping together around May, and Breanna went the year before in July.  Sadly, when we went in May, a couple of the passes were closed due to snow. We would definitely go in July-August because all of the snow will be melted by then.


Yankee Boy Basin 

This was the first trail on our list to do, 1. because it is an easier trail (about a 2.5) and 2. we heard all about the view at the end. Yankee Boy Basin is a shorter trail that ends right under the peak of Mt. Sniffles At the very top, about 14,000ft elevation, there is an beautiful meadow filled with wild flowers. 

Imogene Pass

Near Yankee Boy Basin, Imogene Pass is an insane trail rated at 4.5 on difficulty. When I was there, during May, the trail was not open due to the snow. However, Breanna was able to ride it the year before in July. The trail is super difficult so take your time, but you will have a blast. 

Stony Pass

If you are looking for a easy trail with incredible views from start to finish, then Stony Pass is the way to go. The trail is 10 miles long and located near Silverton, Colorado. Bring your camera for this trail because on top you are surrounded by mountains in every direction. 

Colorado West Jeeps

You guys have to check them out! they are a great company to rent your jeeps from if you are ever near Ouray, CO. They only rent out the newest Jeeps, and gave us so much advice before we hit the road. We had a blast Jeeping our way through the town.



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