What Living Roots Means To Us

We've been promising for awhile that we would write a blog sharing the details behind why we are named Living Roots and what it means to us. So here goes our best explanation..

Living Roots Photography started in September of 2016, and since then has been able to capture so many stories. Our pictures are natural, light-hearted, and capture raw emotions. To be honest, we like you to pretend like we aren't even there ;) We truly believe a great picture says a thousand words, and we get to help share your story! Before we dive into talking about why we love sharing your story, we will share a little bit of ours...

Why in the world did we name our company Living Roots?

Living Roots started inside a coffee shop (All About Cha, to be specific, the one we went to the day we got engaged to be more specific) We were more excited than ever to start this journey together and work on something that meant so much to both of us together. We were totally old school and literally wrote down all of our ideas and our brand moto using paper and pen. We wrote down all of our goals for Living Roots (some have come true + some have slowly diminished.. and that's ok)! We sat and sat for a few hours thinking about what would be the perfect name to represent us.

The Name 

We knew our passion, but sculpting a business from scratch was tricky. Especially finding a name! Finding the perfect name that reflected our relationship and the life we yearn to live took us quite some time! Living Roots was probably one of 45 names we thought of that night at All About Cha. However, no matter how many names we thought of, we felt that nothing else represented us as well as the name Living Roots does.

The name Living Roots is a representation of the life we strive to live. Living means having life and being alive; we decided not to go through the motions of everyday life, but to live in the moment. Rooted means to be established deeply; we are a team in our business and in life which means that we work very hard to stay rooted and connected with one another every single day.

Our company name, Living Roots,  also embodies how we work with couples and anyone we have the pleasure of photographing. As we mentioned earlier, we want to capture stories of life. Every day life. Whether that be the start of your new journey as husband and wife, a milestone graduation, or a new little addition to your growing family. You and your loved ones are creating your own story that we want to be a part of. We want to encourage, support, and get to know you. We don't want to just be your photographers, we want to live life with you. Our goal with all of our clients is to make them feel comfortable with us so their true self can shine!

Working Together 

We are a team, and working together has been a huge blessing. We loving spending time with each other and doing something we both love. To be honest, running a business as a couple took some getting used to at first. Figuring out when to have date night or when to have work night became a struggle. No relationship is perfect (especially not ours) but it's our relationship and that's what makes this so much fun. We have grown to work really well as a team, both bringing our different skills and assets together to make great things happen. We have learned to take time off for each other for date night movie and dinner! We believe life is a big adventure and we decided to share that adventure together. Our ultimate dream would be to both be able to work full time with the business.

Continuing to Grow 

We are so grateful for how fast Living Roots Photography is growing. We have gotten the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people. Seriously, y'all make this job so much fun! We love having fun with our clients on our photo shoots and building relationships with new people every week. Starting our own business has not been easy, but worth every step. The name Living Roots is an everyday reminder of the type of business we want to be for you guys!

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