What We Know Now After Getting Married

Wedding planning is SUCH a unique experience to say the least. You will feel a whirlwind of emotions - anything from "heads about to explode" excitement to "I don't even recognize myself" breakdowns. You spend months and months (some people even years) planning for one single event. One day. 12 hours. You will meet with so many family/friends/vendors. Spend hours scrolling through Pinterest boards about what needs to happen, what must happen, what (you think) WILL happen. And to top it off- you are trying to stay under budget!

We have experienced all different types of weddings and have grown relationships with many beautiful brides and grooms! We have witnessed so many weddings from the outside. Well, we are here to tell you now that now WE TRULY UNDERSTAND. We've been there, done that. Made our mistakes and made big deals out of nothing. Now, we can't say it was all that bad. We actually enjoyed 98% of our planning but we understand that planning a wedding can feel a little overwhelming. We want to help! Here's what we know now...


Making a Budget (and sticking to it)

Okay, I know what you're thinking...."DUH! This is obvious. Why do we have to talk about this one?" Well, my friends. Bear with us. It's because we think it is the most important thing that we could have done. Making a budget should be the first step in the process! Making a budget first will set your expectations for your special day. We may all want to cut our 75,000 dollar wedding cake with a samurai sword just like Gucci Mane  – but once setting a budget, you can determine what things are important to spend your money on. A budget will also help you feel less anxious about spending money. Without a budget you are spending money completely blind, and may feel worried about each dollar that leaves your pocket. Budgets aren't meant to crush your dreams of having an amazing, beautiful wedding but it actually gives each dollar it's own job of creating that dream wedding. 


Deadlines Are Your Bestfriend

When you think of deadlines, I’m sure cramming last minute for a class project or staying late at work comes to mind. We promise if used correctly - deadlines are your friend not the enemy! 

Planning a wedding involves so many spinning wheels – photographers, videographers, venue, coordinators, DJ’s, florist, Caterers and that's just the basics. The best way to avoid stress and burnout is to work on one aspect of the wedding at a time. By taking each individual project step by step from start to finish - you will feel less overwhelmed and honestly be able to decorate and plan things better. Some vendors require details from other vendors and it becomes a huge jumbled mess in your head if you do everything at once. This is something we struggled with at some points.

We aren't experts at getting married seeing that we have only done it once ;) but our first recommendation is always start with the venue! Yes, even before the setting a date. The venue can dictate the entire wedding planning process, because 1. It will probably be the one of the biggest expense 2. Each venue has certain rules, or requirements (it may require you to buy their food packages) 3. The size of the venue will determine how many people you can invite 4. The venue will tell you what dates they have open.

After finalizing on a venue, the next task should be in the order of whats most important to least important to YOU. We all fall behind on deadlines though - it's just gonna happen (tbh we forgot to get a cake topper lol). When setting your deadline or goal, we would recommend two weeks for each aspect - this allows time for vendors to email/call you back, meet up and book.

For those brave souls planning a wedding in 3 months or less, praise you. We were still on little the details the day before the wedding when we had a year engagement. 

If you are like us and have a year to plan your wedding, then make sure to add in a couple of weeks to just relax - enjoy being engaged! It's fun. It's the most exciting and anticipated time in life. So don't forget to just soak it in every once in awhile. And trust us, no matter how hard you try… things might not go your way! It’s just a part of it. And that's what makes it so special. That's what makes it your day.


Don't Sweat The Details

Yes details can really be the cherry on top when creating the style for your wedding (and random fact: detail shots are some of our favorites to capture at weddings)! BUT one thing we recommend is not worry too much about the small things. As I mentioned earlier we completely forgot to order a cake topper, along with a lot of other small things that we didn't even know about till after the wedding (get a bomb wedding coordinator - they are life savers! Message us for info about ours if you're local, she was AMAZING)! But guess what? We still had an amazing, beautiful, special, unforgettable wedding and loved every minute of it! Once you get close to your wedding day just take a deep breath, do what you can, and enjoy every moment you can! Our best decision was to not allow ourselves to get stressed the week of the wedding. We were able to soak up those last few days with our beloved family and friends. You only get married once. :) 


Trust Your Photographers / Vendors

As photographers, we make sure to meet with each and every one of our soon-to- be bride and grooms to make sure we know exactly how the day of your wedding will go. It is important for the photographer to have a clear understanding of the type of pictures that are most important to you, the type of style you're having for your wedding, and the vibe of how you want your day to go. Based on that information, you've gotta trust that your vendors are gonna show up, do their job, and do everything possible to make the day run smoothly. Because let’s be real – once the wedding day comes, there is so much going on it will start to become a blur real fast. Pictures are the best way to capture every part of the day + something you hold onto literally forever.

We hope you can learn a thing or two from our wedding experience. We have been able to be a part of so many
great weddings, and trust me all the planning will pay off!!! Our job as photographers is to capture the
bride and grooms unique story of their wedding. Alongside capturing your story, we try to make the
wedding process as easy as possible!

If you have any questions about what we do, and how we are different than just your standard wedding
photographer just send us an email on the contact page!