Take us to the East Coast! / Road Trip to VA, MD + CT

Life update! Hi friends! Been a hot minute since we've stepped on here ;-) Life is crazy and fun. We are so excited it's summer time. Well, halfway through by now. Where does the time go?

We decided to kick off the summer with two gorgeous weddings and an awesome road trip! This was our first trip together after our honeymoon, so naturally we called this our second honeymoon. I think it's gonna stick and we are gonna call every trip a honeymoon because why not?

We were extra excited about this trip because we are heading to states we’ve never been to before! The farthest north east we have traveled is New York City, and we are thrilled to experience a different culture here in the US! Just a side note – we are not big on history/historic sites. (please don't hate us! Sorry!) We did not visit many (there are lots!) of the amazing historical sites in these states. If you are into history, then you would LOVE traveling through these areas! There is so many museums and historical sites to see. We will let you do that part! ;) 

The idea of this road trip began because we booked two weddings near each other that were about a week apart. Our first wedding was in Charlottesville, Virginia and ending the road trip was a wedding in Litchfield, Connecticut. Our road trips stops include Richmond, Charlottesville, Baltimore, and Hartford, and Litchfield. Highlights of the trip were definitely Shenandoah state park, and driving through upstate New York. We will get into that in a second with pics to follow!

Richmond, Virginia

The first stop in Virginia! Richmond is the capital of Virginia, and we spent three days in the big city! The city is filled with lots of art, nature, and history. 

Bel Isle

Our first stop in Richmond was Bel Isle! Bel Isle is a great place for those who love the outdoors. We embarked on a small hike through the park, but there were also places to mountain bike, swim, and sun bathe. Richmond is a big city, but it seemed to preserve the nature around it! There are a lot of trails for people to be outside and stay active which was nice to see! 


 Fan District

The Fan District is really nothing more than just houses but BEAUTIFUL ones at that. There are a few shops, and places to eat, but 99% of the district is cute, old fashioned homes. We spent a few hours walking through the neighborhoods and parks just enjoying the view. The homes inside the district are amazing. Each house literally looks like it's out of a story book.  


Art on Art on Art

One of the coolest things about Richmond was the amount of murals on the buildings. Almost every building has a unique art piece.

Charlottesville Virginia

The city of Richmond was nice BUT Charlottesville takes the cake for us! Charlottesville was filled with tons of orchards, vineyards, and mountains! The town is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains so naturally we fell in love at first site. We are just too laid back for big cities. We have so much more fun in small mountain towns - but how can you blame us with the views? Their downtown was a fun place to go visit. We loved listening to the local music, shopping around, and hanging out at local coffee shops.


However our top fav spots in Charlottesville were Orchard Cater Mountain and (all time favorite) Shenandoah State Park.

Orchard on Carter Mountain 

First dinner stop on the list was Orchard Carter Mountain. The food was okay, but the view was over the top. We got a great view of the mountains + clouds around us.  And lets be real, if we see a pretty view then we are getting out the tripod. ;) *photographer tip: when traveling with your hubs, always bring a little tripod. It seems so silly to set it up to get photos of you two but you will thank me later for this suggestion when you have a photos of you guys to remember the trip with!

On another note...

So many trees! Most of the mountains we are used to are snow capped so it was amazing to see green everywhere we turned. Also, Thomas Jefferson lived a few miles away from this spot. SO CRAZY to think about. 


They also had the best Hard Cider that we got to enjoy over a mountain top :-)


Shenandoah State Park

We LOVED Shenandoah State Park. Why you ask? We saw 6 bears + it was so, so beautiful (let's count how many times I say beautiful in this blog)! No idea how we got so lucky seeing so many little black bears. Our favorite parts of trips is seeing the wild animals, so this was a mega plus. Sadly, you will just have to believe us because we only got 1 good picture of a bear. And to top it off the one picture we got is super low quality (camera was in manual + we didn't have time to change the settings in the half second you could see the little guy. Oops, lol.) It's kinda a cute pic so we will share anyways! 

However, we did take some other great pictures at the state park. We stopped at a few of the cool lookouts everyone can enjoy along the drive. Also, a massive cloud blew through right onto us – probably the most fog we have ever seen + makes for legit photos.


hey there, little guy!


Next Stop...

Baltimore, Maryland

We left the bears behind and headed to the big city again. Baltimore was a city right on the water with lots of different attractions. Luckily, our hotel was smack dab in the center of all the fun things in the city so we got the full Baltimore experience! However, Baltimore for us was a time to just relax + recharge before our next wedding on the upcoming weekend. We honestly didn’t do a whole lot outside of the city but we did get to walk along the water, go to a few of the well know districts, and eat in Little Italy! Oh, + we couldn't get away without eating the famous crab cakes! & That was enough for us.


Our mini CRAB CAKES!!!


Had to get a shake at Shake Shack on our last night!

The Drive

Instead taking the fastest route, we decided to take a little longer drive through Amish country and upstate New York. Since we needed to get to Connecticut, we didn't have much time to explore but we did stop a view times in upstate New York. We absolutely loved driving through this part of the state. 


Litchfield, Connecticut

Connecticut was filled with tall, beautiful trees and the sweetest people. It was so refreshing to be there. The towns were small, quaint, + full of character! The entire state seemed to be filled with scenic views and.... Dunkin’ Donuts. EVERYWHERE! Seriously there was a Dunkin' Donuts on every corner. We got to capture the love story of two sweet souls here +  loved running around this little town with them!


We celebrated National Donut Day right (minus them being from Dunkin' Donuts)...we aren't too much of Dunkin' fans but you get what you can find!!


Overall the trip was great! Luckily, we had no mishaps! Our weddings that we shot were beautiful + successful. We met some amazing people on our trip + had fun on our adventures together! Thank you, friends for reading about our road trip! We are happy to share with you our little life updates every now + then. Hopefully, there are more road trips to come! 

Our only question we have after the trip is –

Connecticut, why do you love Dunkin Donuts so much?