A Millennial's Guide To A Long Lasting Relationship

September 24, 2010

Little did we know, that's the date that changed us forever. Ryan walked up to Breanna at a Friday night high school football game and asked her to go to the concession stand with him. As we were walking there, Breanna was grinning from ear to ear with a smirk on her face because she knew exactly what he was going to ask. We have grown up together for 6 years. We've been through a lot of heartbreak and laughter. We've overcome relationship hiccups, personal problems and most of all learned how to respect each other for the person they are. Never in a million years did we think we would be in a position to give "relationship advice" but here we are! In honor of celebrating 6 years together...we came up with 6 tips to a lasting relationship! 

1. Always tell the truth - even when it hurts

  • Just be honest if something is bothering you. Whether it's in the relationship or personal. Whether you made a mistake or just need someone to vent about life's problems with. Be honest and don't be afraid to express your feelings or actions.

  • Never be afraid to let the other know that you do not like where the relationship is heading. It's important to be on the same page and even more important to feel like the relationship is going in the right direction.

  • Don't be afraid of wanting change. We have both gone through so much change over the years. We are both terrible at change and we believe God has made situations happen so that we are more comfortable with change and know that it is okay.

2. Be there for one another

  • Take time to talk. We all have a million things to do every day whether it's practice, work, homework, or going out with friends. We try and call each other for at least 15 minutes every day to talk about each others day. This keeps us connected with one another and we can definitely feel it when we don't do this.

  • Sacrifice. If your partner is going through a tough time, all they want is your encouragement and time. Sacrifice yourself to be there for them when they need it most.

  • Always stand behind them. We can't tell you how important it is to stand behind and support your partner. Whether it's their dreams or if you need to defend them, your partner can not succeed without your support.

3. Try something new

  • Do something fun together. Every relationship needs friendship! Whether it be starting a hobby, taking up a lesson together, or watching a TV series. Have fun with one another + try something different.

  • Date Jar - make a date jar! Put in 15 date ideas in a jar and pick a new one every week! This can be really fun because it can push you and your partner out of your comfort zones and create new experiences with one another.

  • Explore. Go new places together. Travel the world. Venture out. This is the best way to become comfortable with one another + who wouldn't want to travel the world with their cute best friend? :)

4. Focus on moving the relationship forward

  • If you are dating - date with the intention of getting married. We are pretty big on this. Why date someone if you don't see a forever with them? Or even a future? That's just what we think...

  • If you are married - be married with the intention of growing together + building a stronger bond. We have been dating for 6 years and we still learn new things about each other. People say that relationships get boring with time. Well, we couldn't think that's further from the truth.

5. Be dreamers

  • Make goals together! If you're planning on spending your lives together, you need to at least have common goals. Take a few hours and just dream about the future. List out all of your hopes and goals. It's actually really fun and inspiring. This is something that's new to us. We have never been one's to think about the future. We have always been "live in the moment" type of people so learning to dream big and trying to figure out how to achieve your goals has been really exciting for us!

  • Make a bucket list. I'm not even kidding. Grab a napkin + a pen and write down everything you wanna do before you die and start now.

6. Put God first

  • God is always in control. We could have all these life plans, but God may change it with a flip of a switch. Trust God together. Pray together. Pray for each other.

  • Attend church together. Some of our favorite conversations have come from church. We both like to attend church together and then talk about the message later on in the week. This keeps us accountable and connects us in a deep way.

  • Learn the Bible. Currently, we are reading through the whole Bible together. It's been really fun to learn more about scripture and explore + talk it over with one another.

We do not have a perfect relationship nor perfect advice givers by any means, but feel free to send us a note if you need advice or just want to talk! We are always happy to help and we love to talk to our friends! New + old. Email us at livingrootsblog@gmail for anything at all!

September 24th 2010-2016


Keep Living,

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