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Little known fact is Ryan’s family loves to cruise! Christmas break of 2016 Breanna was able to join them on the Carnival Freedom to sail around the Caribbean. This vacation was extra special because it was right after our engagement, and it was Breanna’s first vacation with the Nielsen family!

The Carnival Freedom was an amazing ship; we enjoyed all the food, shows every night, and all the activities on board. As an added bonus, we went to three amazing islands: Freeport, Nassau, and Key West. The cruise insisted of two days on sea, and three days at port.


Our first stop was the Key West- home of the southernmost tip in the continental United States. You would be surprised about how rich in history is Key West is; thankfully, we know all the facts thanks to our tour guide Gary. Well, maybe not all the facts, but we do remember that chickens run wild in the streets and it is illegal to kill them.

Also, KEY tip ( pun intended lol)- if you don't feel like waiting in line to take a picture at the most southern point in the Continental United States, then go enjoy some key lime pie. Because it's their thing, and pie is always a good idea. 

Coconut water
Tour Bus
Key West


Next up- Nassau, Bahamas! What do you think of when you hear Bahamas? BEACHES! Nassau is home to some of the best beaches the Bahamas has to offer. We could not turn down a relaxing beach day! Our excursion took us to a private beach with lounge chairs, music, and food. Our source of entertainment was Ryan showing Breanna how to properly build a sandcastle. As we were building our sandcastle, a 30ish year old man walks up, sighs, and said, “I wish my girlfriend would build sandcastle with me.” LOL!

That's our sand-castle!

That's our sand-castle!

Nassau Bahamas


Nassau was relaxing but Freeport was adventurous. Every adventure (probably the only downside) starts early! Breanna, Ryan, and Dee were one of the first people off the ship, but it was all worth it for our bike ride through the island. We were able to ride through various parts of the island, see dolphins, and stop at different beaches to swim! The ride ended at the Garden of Groves, which was amazing. This was by far our favorite day of the trip!

Carnival Excursions
Freeport Bahamas
Carnival Freedom

Garden Of The Groves 

Garden of The Groves is surrounded by incredible landscape: waterfalls, tropical plants, and tons of wildlife. There is even a cute café inside the park. As you walk throughout the park, the bungalow next to the water caught our eye. I would definitely recommend spending time at Garden of Groves if you are in the Bahamas. 

Garden of Grove
Garden of Groves


Carnival Freedon

Island life is fun but let’s be real… the best part of the cruise was all you can eat food 24/7 and living out of your bathing suit, and all the activities! Carnival offers all you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The Carnival Freedom is known for their Guy Fieri burger stand… And Let’s just say Ryan went there a little too much. Dee, Ryan’s sister, dominated every cornhole tournament; she walked away with four stick-on-a-ship (trophies). Ryan was the only one in the family to not win a trophy. Ryan’s parents and Breanna won a trophy on a trivia game, but of course, Ryan decided to take a nap during this game. He is only a little mad, I think the towel animals cheered him up though.

Ryan loved the towel animals! Every night we would receive a new towel animal on our bed, but we like to think of them as new friends.


Just a heads up- if you don’t like getting stares from every single person on a cruise ship, then don’t were onesies to the movie night! Ryan’s mom bought us all matching onesies for Christmas to wear on the movie under-the-stars night. They are supposed to be reindeer, but throughout the night, we were called bears, deer, and even big foot LOL. The whole family rocked it though! And if you can handle the stares, then you will be the most comfortable people there because those bad-boys were so soft!

Carnival Freedom

We are so grateful for the trip! It was one for the books. Carnival was awesome- from the shows each night, customer service, and of course the food. Hey, Carnival want us to want us to write more about your cruises? We will think about it if you bring us on board ;)

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