We are high school sweethearts...

How We Met

With a bushy haircut, heaping amounts of unnecessary confidence, and clothes that didn't quite fit my long lanky body, I had my friend introduce me to the prettiest girl at the high school freshman meet and greet. As I make eye contact, all the confidence from getting my braces off, and being on the 8th grade varsity basketball team wash away as I realize I have no idea how to talk to girls. I awkwardly say hi to the girl who will later become the love of my life, and scurry off  before the blank stares of not knowing what to say to each other.  

I was nervously looking around at all the freshmen I could meet that night. As I remained in my comfort zone, chatting with some of my girls, an old friend came up and introduced me to a dark hair, blue eyed handsome guy. After our very short introduction, I realized I didn't exactly remember his name. Later that same night, I went to my trusty Facebook to search everyone that I met and after a long search I finally came across his page and struck up the courage to send him a message.